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Building Relationships One Hand at a Time

Manufactured in the heartland of America since 1948, Joe’s Original All Purpose Hand Cleaner continues to be the leading formulation of Kleen Products, Inc. The easy to use, non greasy hand cleaner is a favorite among the oilfield, automotive, hardware, and farm and agricultural Industries. We are also getting great loyalty from the racing industry. Designed specifically to be used without water, it makes cleaning your hands quick and easy.

A lot has changed since the beginning. Improvements in formulation and procedures due to regulation changes has led to a powerful, yet gentle hand cleaner that is still totally waterless. Today, the Joe’s Brand of products consists of 4 hand-cleaning formulas, as well as hand and surface wipes and other various cleaners.

As Joe’s continues to expand, new things are on the horizon as the 3rd generation continues to promote growth and unparalleled customer service. We have always been indebted to our loyal customer base and continue to appreciate the loyalty we have from our great customers.


Joe’s Instant Hand Hygiene

Joe’s Instant Hand Hygiene is a great defense for battling germs. The 70% alcohol helps reduce the bacteria on the skin, leaving your hands sanitized and soft. Constant hand washing and sanitizing the hands is extremely important. Recommended for repeat usage. This formulation does not leave the hand dry. Note: Not for sale in CA.

New and Improved Wipes

Joe’s Hand and Surface Quick Wipes are a double-sided towel that gives you an abrasive side for more aggressive cleaning and a smooth side for quick clean up. Click here for more information.

There is no finer or higher quality product made on the market today. Simply put, it is our family’s privilege to provide the very best of care for the hands that keep American industry strong. Treat your hands to a wakeup call with Joe’s Hand Cleaner. It is truly your hand’s best friend.